Environmental Enrichment For Guinea Pigs

Environmental Enrichment For Guinea Pigs

Bedding supplies produced from hardwoods , paper merchandise, and corn cobs are alternate options. After its cage has been cleaned, a guinea pig typically urinates and drags its decrease physique exhibition standard argents guinea pig across the floor of the cage to mark its territory. Male guinea pigs could mark their territory in this means when they are put again into their cages after being taken out.

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Guinea pigs should have fresh, filtered consuming water in a water bottle at all times. Check the water bottle frequently as a end result of they wish to play with the sipper tube, which may trigger leakage. “There are a number of long-term options for therapy,” mentioned James Morrisey, D.V.M. ’92, section chief of exotics at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals . Odin was the primary case of eyelid agenesis Morrisey had seen in a guinea pig throughout his time at CUHA.

What Your Veterinarian Seems For In A Healthy Guinea Pig

The colors embrace black, chocolate, purple, golden, buff, cream, white, lilac, beige, and slate. The most typical guinea pig breed, the American guinea pig, is a acknowledged breed by the American Rabbit Breeders Association . The American guinea pig is to be posed with the hind ft beneath the animal and the front feet barely ahead of the shoulders, and shouldn’t be forced into a cobby place or stretched out.

Guinea pigs cages ought to be a minimal of 18 inches high, 24 inches wide and three to 6 feet lengthy with a strong floor . Be positive to put the cage in an area free from drafts, chills, direct daylight, extreme heat and sudden temperature adjustments. Be sure that the walls are excessive sufficient to forestall skinny guinea pig escape, and that no predators can reach into it. Guinea pigs are herbivores and their food regimen must be unlimited hay, contemporary greens, and good high quality pellets. Guinea pigs are a prey species and want a secure house to escape potential stressors. Cardboard boxes or commercially available huts make good choices.


It is used as a mannequin for epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, heart illness, leukemia, melanoma, and arthritis, amongst other issues. The guinea pig is particularly essential as a model for the human immune system, as its immunological genes are more much like human than are the mouse’s genes. It is presently our best mannequin for testing biodefense agents and is crucial for vaccine testing. The guinea pig can also be helpful for toxicological research, since it’s exquisitely delicate to toxic effects and has similar reactivity to people. Unlimited high-quality grass hay, like timothy or orchard grass, is a mainstay of a cavy’s diet and may at all times be out there.

  • Mothers are not very maternal in the raising of the offspring in that she doesn’t build a nest and even remains in a sitting place whereas nursing.
  • Animals can turn out to be sick, get injured, and even die when youngsters aren’t able to give them appropriate care.
  • Just as a end result of two Guinea pigs look related doesn’t imply they behave the same.
  • Guinea pigs are social creatures and enjoy living in groups.
  • The picture dates from the identical interval as the oldest recorded guinea pig stays in England, that are a partial cavy skeleton found at Hill Hall, an Elizabethan manor home in Essex, and dated to around 1575.

Cardboard tissue paper rolls and even picket chew sticks are nice. Their habitat must be as massive as your house can accommodate and should be at least 5 feet by 2 ft for two guinea pigs. Most cages sold in pet shops are too small, and using them can be the equivalent of forcing a human to reside in a relaxation room. My pigs like having two Guinea Habitats by MidWest Homes for Pets, related with an open door so that they will go to each other.

Mating and fertilization usually happen at night, within 20 hours of ovulation. Guinea pigs do not exhibit seasonal mating patterns in domestic populations. Once a feminine becomes pregnant, gestation lasts 59 to seventy two days. The average age at first pregnancy is a hundred seventy five days and common litter size is 3 pups. Lactation peaks at 5 to eight days after parturition and weaning happens 14 to 21 days after delivery. Did you know Guinea pigs can’t manufacture their personal vitamin C?

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